Jersey Studies

Jersey has its own distinct characteristics, based on its status as a British Crown Dependency that geographically is part of France.  Some of these characteristics are well documented, but others are not.  There is also a lack of basic information is a readily accessible form. This series of papers aims to meet the need for such information.  The papers are brief, no more than 6,000 words, stand-alone and include references and sources of further information.  It is hoped that they will be useful to those who need to study aspects of Jersey and more generally as a source of information.  The papers will be regularly updated and other papers will be added to the series.

Jersey's History provides a brief description of Jersey's history from earliest times to the present day.  An understanding of Jersey's history is essential to understanding its economy and political system.

Jersey's Constitution describes Jersey constitutional position as a British Crown Dependency.

Jersey's political system explains Jersey’s parliamentary and government systems.

Jersey's Parishes explains the origins and growth of Jersey's 12 parishes and their internal organisation and gives a brief description of each of the parishes.

Jersey's Population sets out key data on the evolution of Jersey's population and the development of population policy.

Jersey's Economy describes the structure of the Jersey economy, noting in particular the importance of finance centre activity, which accounts for 37% of economic activity.

Jersey's public finances explains Jersey's tax system and government finances.

Jersey's Legal System covers Jersey's distinct legal framework embracing aspects of Norman law and structures and the court system.

Jersey's natural environment describes all aspects of Jersey's natural environment, climate and land use.