Jersey history

This page comprises a small number of original papers on Jersey hisory together with links to significant books and papers on the history of the Island and sources of other information.  The intention is to help make Jersey history more accessible.

Original papers

There are four original papers on the site -

A brief history of Jersey, 2022

Jersey's population - a history, 3rd edition. 2015

Nos Iles - summary and context, 2022

40 people who have shaped Jersey, 2022

Key printed books on the history of Jersey

The best books on the history of Jersey that are available only in hard copy form are -

BOLEAT, Mark. 2022. Jersey's population - a history, 4th edition. Jersey: Société Jersiaise.

De GRUCHY, Guy. 1957.  Medieval land tenures in Jersey. Jersey: Bigwoods Press. 

LE FEUVRE, David. 1993.  Jersey – not quite British. Seaflower books.

LE PATUREL, John. 1937.  The Medieval Administration of the Channel Islands. London: Humphrey Milford.

KELLEHER, John. 1994. The triumph of the country. JerseyJohn Appelby Publishing and SJ. 

JAMIESON, A G, ed. 1986. A people of the sea. LondonMethuen.

MONTEIl, Michel. 2005. French emigration to Jersey 1850-1950. Jersey: Société Jersiaise.

OMMER, Rosemary. 1991. From Outport to Outpost, A Structural Analysis of the Jersey-Gaspé Cod Fishery, 1767-1886.  Toronto:  McGill-Queen’s University Press. 

PLATT, Colin. 2007.  A concise history of Jersey. Jersey: Société Jersiaise.

SYVRET, Marguerite and STEVENS, Joan. 1998. Balleine’s History of Jersey.  Chichester: Phillimore.


Key books on the history of Jersey available in electronic form

The following books have been digitised, all by Google books with the exception of that by Poingdestre, which has been digitised by the Société Jersiaise, and Nos Îles.

BAKER, T. 1839.  A guide to Jersey and Guernsey. [Google Books]


FALLE, Philip. 1734. An Account of the Island of Jersey. [Google books]

INGLIS, Henry. 1835. The Channel Islands. [Google books]

LE CRAS, Abraham Jones. 1834. Guide to the Island of Jersey. [Google Books]

PLEES, W. 1817. An account of the Island of Jersey[Google books]

POINGDESTRE, Jean.  1840.  Ceasarea – The Island of Jersey. [Société Jersiaise]

QUAYLE. Thomas. 1815.  General view of the agriculture and present state of the islands on the coast of Normandy.  [Google books]


Currently the principal online source of infiormation on Jersey history is Jerripedia.  This includes -

  • Articles from the Annual Bulletin of the Société Jersiaise, together with a comprehensive index.
  • Articles and photos on a number of subjects, eg population growth, transport and farming, with links to other sources
  • A bibliography of books and papers with links to online versions digitised by Google Books, the Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg and Open Library.
  • Digitised copies of articles from Jersey newspapers.
  • A photographic library.